This breakfast is simply so delicious and easy to make. It is my favorite breakfast at the moment. The superfood parfait.

Here's the recipe, so you can enjoy it too:


• Peeled hemp seeds
• Bee Pollen
• Real blueberries
• Dried rhubarb
• Raspberries
• Mulberry
• Cocoa beans
• Goji berries
• Organic soy yogurt

Place the different ingredients layer-on-layer with the soy yogurt in between. Then make yourself a Matcha tea on the side - it's so delicious and the perfect breakfast really!

You can make superfood parfait in so many versions - for example, this hormone-friendly version:

Superfood parfait

I personally tend to break down estrogen badly. But this parfait is rich in all the important things to improve estrogen metabolism:

  • Organic soy yogurt (rich in the amino acid methionine that increases the estrogen of estrogen, phytoestrogens and even probiotics for better elimination)
  • Hempseed and Pumpkin Protein Powder (BCAA, Tryptophan, Omega 3 and Complete Protein)
  • Oxidant-Bonanza from sea currant, strawberries, blueberries (rich in flavonoids included in liver phase 1 and protecting against phase 1 metabolites)
  • Crumbled oat bran (oats contain phytoestrogens and at the same time it's a good source for the minimum 35 g fibers you need daily)
  • The bipolar, which is rich in phytonutrients and protein, also contains chrysin, which inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (via aromatase)


Oh yes - it's the perfect breakfast and it also tastes amazing!

Plus... it leaves you satisfied for hours.