I simply love sesame seeds ? I add them to my smoothies, my salads, in my breakfast and make "Sesame buttermilk" of these small, potent seeds.

Therefore, I think you should have my favourite tip on sesame:

Sesame seeds are rich in lignands, which are a type of Phyto-oestrogen, which also functions as an antioxidant. Lignands are found in high-fibre foods, such as rye, liquorice, linseed - and sesame. Lignands attach to the oestrogen receptor so that the more aggressive forms of oestrogens have no place in your cells and as such, they reduce the effect of too much oestrogen, while they can protect against menopausal symptoms.

Sesame seeds is also rich in natural vitamin E, which appears to reduce hot flushes. It is one of the best sources of easily absorbed calcium. 1 tbsp. unpolished sesame seeds contain 88 mg calcium - completely exceeding the calcium content of dairy products. Calcium is essential for your bones, but also essential for your fertility. It has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of PMS and migraine attacks.